Domestic Science Workshop @ bruxelles

09/05 > 08/06/12

Domestic Science Workshop is a temporary open craft studio at Recyclart/Brussels where ‘Recipes For Disaster’ are developed, tested and sold to experiment at home at your own risk. How can a sublime landscape be constructed with house, garden and kitchen ingredients ? And, what doyou do ‘In Case Of Emergency’ ?

The machines, experiments, and attributes that are sold, can be adapted and personalized to the costumers own wishes. Larger set-ups can be tested on the spot/in the workshop. All the experiments are accompanied by simple guidelines /recipes, in order to reproduce them at home.

Gosie Vervloessem experiments with ‘Recipes for Disaster‘, Wendy Van Wynsberghe demonstrates the sublime art of kissing in ‘The Kissing Protocol‘ and Naomi Kerkhove is on a 24h alert ’In Case Of Emergency‘.

The workshop can be visited at Recyclart/Brussels from 9/5/2012-8/6/2012 (openinghours and special events).

- Recyclart, Rue des Ursulinesstraat 25, 1000 Bruxelles
- Du 9 mai 14:00 au 8 juin 22:00

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