Open Softwear

- Open Softwear is a book about fashion and technology. More precisely it is a book about Arduino boards, conductive fabric, resistive thread, soft buttons, LEDs, and some other things. We started researching three years ago thanks to the support of K3, Malmö University School of Arts and Communication.
- Authors T. Olsson, D. Gaetano, J. Odhner, and S. Wiklund got the chance to come together to write down their conclusions in the form of an illustrated book aiming at students and professionals trying to enter the field of physical computing from the softwear perspective.

- However, Open Softwear is still beta. Its 104 pages are just an opening to what will hopefully become a very good support for courses and workshops in the field. We need you to read this beta version and report back whatever you see is missing or needs to be corrected. We need pictures of projects that are using examples like the ones described here, if you have made any and want to contribute, contact us. We need graphic designers willing to continue editing the document.
- We could look for funding to get this out as our book as in the four authors mentioned above, but we prefer it to be OUR book as in the community of teachers, students, and professionals that use Arduino as a tool for prototyping interactive garments.

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