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Code, Arts & Crafts ! @ Bruxelles
Workshop : supporting your new media art project iMAL (...)

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(un petit pas) Au delà du prototypage @ Bruxelles
06 > 07/11/10 Ellentriek (Constant & Pianofabriek) (...)
Arduino @ Reims
> 12/05/12 Dans le cadre des workshops de la saison, (...)
> 20/10/12 Dans le cadre des workshops de la saison, (...)
08 > 09/02/14 Le week-end ouvre à l’expérimentation (...)
Ateliers Arduino @ Saint-Ouen
14/01 > 23/06/12 Tous les champs de la création sont (...)
Ateliers Code, Arts & Craft @ Bruxelles
> samedi 19 juin 2010 Dans la continuité des Ateliers (...)
Ateliers Numériques d’été 2011 @ Bruxelles
05/07/11 > 19/08/11 Processing, Arduino, Wordpress, Drupal, (...)
Ateliers Numériques d’été @ Bruxelles
13 July - 13 August 2010 @ iMAL La 6ième édition de nos (...)
Ateliers numériques d’été @ Bruxelles
15/07 > 15/08/14 Processing, Fabrication Numérique, Arduino (...)
Code, Arts & Crafts #6 Electroluminescent wires & Computer vision @ Bruxelles
> 12/03/11 Nous ouvrons la saison 2011 des ateliers Code, (...)
Code, Arts & Crafts #9 @ Bruxelles
Strange inputs / Processing & Internet Pour ce dernier (...)
Code, Arts & Crafts - Mechatronics @ Bruxelles
> 01 & 22/06/13 La Mécatronique est la combination de (...)
Code, Arts & Crafts @ Bruxelles
25/02 > 29/03/14 Besoin d’aide, de conseils pour (...)
Cours Arduino @ Saint-Ouen
04/02 > 01/04/13 Deux mois pour découvrir des problématiques
CREACTIFS ! @ mons
La créa­tiv­ité est un des moteurs de notre société. Elle (...)
CRéACTIFS ! @ Mons
14/10 > 16/12/13 La créa­tiv­ité est un des moteurs de (...)
Danse, pouacre & Çavachute @ Bruxelles
14/06 > 19/08/11 Installations de Véronika Usova Mêlant (...)
DorkbotBRU#9 @ Bruxelles
> 18/01/12 Sculpting sound and spaces Avec l’aide (...)
ELLENTRIEK #11 : Ellentriek goes High Voltage @ Bruxelles
> 05 & 06/03/11 Ellentriek, c’est une série (...)
Ellentriek #12 - HIGH VOLTAGE @ Bruxelles
07 > 08/05/11 Ellentriek, c’est une série (...)
Ellentriek #14 : coudre - mesurer - envoyer - recevoir () @ Bruxelles
13 > 14/01/12 Ellentriek est une série d’ateliers (...)
Ellentriek #15 meets Code, Arts & Crafts : Shielded – extend your Arduino @ bruxelles
28 & 29/04/12 Avec Arduino, il est possible de (...)
Ellentriek #17 : Hack your knitting machine with Knitic ! @ Bruxelles
> 18/05/13 Dans les années quatre-vingt et nonante, les (...)
formations diversifiées @ Montréal
> 05/12/12 Chaque année, Vidéographe met en place une série (...)
Handcrafting Textile Mice @ Arhus - Denmark
> 16th and 17th August 2010 The workshop will take place (...)
Les Ateliers Numériques d’Été 2012 @ Bruxelles
24/07 > 24/08/12 Processing, Arduino, Pure Data & (...)
Les Ateliers Numériques d’Été 2013 @ Bruxelles
16/07 > 16/08/13 Lancés en 2005, les Ateliers Numériques (...)
Les Ateliers Numériques d’Été 2015 @ Bruxelles
14/07 > 14/08/15 Processing, Arduino, Pure Data, Blender (...)
LilyPad @ Reims
> 31/03/12 Dans le cadre des workshop de la saison, (...)
Mainsd’œuvres / Formations professionnelles 2014-15 @ Saint-Ouen
20/10/14 > 16/02/15 Fort de dix ans d’expérience dans (...)
Mz Balthazar’s Laboratory @ Bruxelles
30/05 > 01/06/13 Mz. Baltazar’s Laboratory est un (...)
Open Atelier #1 : Lab en fête @ Saint-Ouen
> 10/09/11 D’abord, on joue ! On joue à quoi ? A (...)
Open Softwear
Open Softwear is a book about fashion and technology. More (...)
OpenGreens workshop @ Bruxelles
09 > 10/06/11 OKNO invites you to a double-spread (...)
Pure Data Patching Circle @ Bruxelles
> 28/11/10 Avec cette session, nous verrons comment jouer (...)
Pure Data Patching Circle @ Bruxelles
> 10/11/12 Pendant cette session nous verrons quelles sont (...)
Samedis Electriques @ Bruxelles
09/02 > 06/04/13 Introduction au Physical Computing - (...)
try-out / Workshop ’Walker’ @ Bruxelles
> 01/05/14 nous organisons une séance d’expérimentation
Variable Loop #3 - knitic @ Bruxelles
> 04/04/13 L’atelier VARIABLE ouvre ses portes tous (...)

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David Cuartielles, digital artist.


Small company that sells kits and parts for original, open source hardware electronics projects featured on as well as other cool open source tronix that I think are interesting and well-made.


Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple i/o board and a development environment that implements the Processing/Wiring language. Arduino can be used to develop stand-alone interactive objects or can be connected to software on your computer (e.g. Flash, Processing, MaxMSP).


Arduino : The Documentary (2010)


Accompagnement, conception, réalisation et production de projets artistiques. Jeune société spécialisée dans l’utilisation, la mise en oeuvre et l’intégration fluide et simplifiée des nouvelles technologies au service de la création artistique.


Portail dédié à la programmation, ressources multiples.

bugs busy

Emmanuel Lestienne, programmeur, développeur, enseignant.

codedrops centralise l’activité en ligne de stéphane Noël, enseignant et codeur touche à tout.


Experimental digital media creation company. We make games, installations, videos, and other interactive projects using digital technologies.

electronics demonstrations

The following demonstrations simulate electronic circuits.


(low) voltage fun with 220V and everything below ! Research, experiment, creation, inspiration, education, cooperation !

fashioning technology

Introductory DIY book that brings technology and crafts together in a fun and unique way. You get jargon-free primers and lots of how-to projects that will have you making - and even wearing - functional works of art.


The World Famous Index of Arduino & Freeduino Knowledge


Processing is designed for programming computer graphics, but the ideas behind Processing can be extended to other domains such as programming electronics.


Katherine Moriwaki, digital artist.


Our collaborations explore the realm of wearable technology as a medium for commenting on technological and social aspects. Throughout our projects we are conscious of wearability and functionality. We believe in the spirit of humoring technology and a twisted criticism toward the stereotypes it creates. For us, technology is to be hacked, DIYed and modified by everyone to fit our needs and desires.

kobakant > do it yourself

Comprehensible, accessible and maintainable reference resource, as well as a basis for further exploration and contribution for Arduino, Processing, installations ...

lady ada

My name is Limor & I’m an engineer. I live in New York City and recently received my Masters of Engineering from MIT & the Media Lab on the topic of Social Defense Mechanisms. I create things, some of which are beautiful and interesting.


Christian Laroche, artiste et professeur chercheur à l’Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l’ Image (EESI). Comme chercheur développe la partie vidéo et visualisation 3D de SLIDERS_lab et enseigne les arts programmés ainsi que la réalisation pratique de dispositifs interactifs. En tant qu’artiste, réalise des robots interactifs temps réel en réseaux. Ces robots ont des comportements de groupe, des relations entre eux et avec le spectateur.


Comunicaciones Inalámbricas Distribuidas.


fablab | médialab | living lab | hacklab | makerlab


In-browser graphical programming environment for little devices called embedded systems. Modkit can currently program Arduino and Arduino compatible hardware using simple graphical blocks similar to and heavily inspired by the Scratch programming environment developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.


Your one-stop-shop for weird and wonderful materials & gifts.


We offer a wide selection of electronic components for the hobbyist. We started offering Freeduino components : Freeduino serial V2.0 PCB, Arduino ready ATMEGA8 and ATMEGA168 microcontrollers (MCU) and SOIC to DIP adapters. We are also a preferred cyberspace destination for people looking for standard DIN plugs and vintage computing cables (Atari, Commodore, TI-99/4a).

plug and wear

DIY materials for smart fabrics and interactive textiles


Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and sound.


Scribd is the largest social publishing and reading site in the world. We’ve made it incredibly simple for anyone to share and discover informative, entertaining and original written content on the web and mobile devices. Our vision is to liberate the written word, to connect people and organizations with the information and ideas that matter most to them.


Graduated in Computer-Engineering, I’ve always been interested in all of what concerns the universe of digital arts, ranging from audio-visuals to interactive installations. My main interest is music, through a constant research of sounds, based on the most widespread and available software solutions as well as self-built hardware instrumentations, like some synthesizers based upon DIY projects (uCApps) or even sophisticated controllers like 3DID, handuino or Stimulus-16.


Ressources numériques de Thomas Ouellet Fredericks.


Young innovative startup that provides solutions to unique engineering problems (Belgium).


Tod E. Kurt engineered hardware and software for robotic camera systems that went to Mars. He was a founding developer and systems architect of Overture Systems, originally, later sold to Yahoo. Now as co-founder of ThingM, he’s designing sketchable hardware and networked smart objects. He has degrees in Electrical Engineering from Caltech and Physics from Occidental College. He started robotics hacking at the age twelve when he took apart his BigTrak, RC car, and chemistry set to make an upright programmable robot.


Software tool that lets you easily interact with your Arduino hardware so you can test the circuits you create.

wany robotics

Robotics technologies and engineering services for education, research and consumer products


Wiring is a programming environment and electronics i/o board for exploring the electronic arts, tangible media, teaching and learning computer programming and prototyping with electronics. It illustrates the concept of programming with electronics and the physical realm of hardware control which are necessary to explore physical interaction design and tangible media aspects.


Fascinated with the importance of electronic objects in our daily lives and how we become emotionally entangled with the abilities they provide, Nicholas is interested in exploring interpersonal relations as aesthetic experiences mediated by technology. To support these interests, he is actively engaged in the design and implementation of tools for prototyping interactions early in the design process.

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Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Apple Final Cut
Apple Quicktime
Microsoft Excell
Microsoft Word
Open Office
Pro Tools
Pure Data
Quark XPress
Soft VNS

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